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Triticale&Blue Corn Meal SD

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Triticale&Blue Corn Meal SD

Over the last two days I'v been building my levain up preparing for my weekend and for another crack at my new pullman pan. First thing this morning I darted out and picked up some triticale some oat bran and some blue corn meal. As my flour water mixture was autolysing I scalded the cornmeal and wrung it out with cheese cloth, then I added it to the autolyse. Autolyse complete I gave it a few stretch and folds in the bowl, added the salt and gave it thirty seconds or so of slap and folds followed by a brief rest and another even shorter set of slap and folds.

I bulk fermented it for a relatively short time, proofed it for a bit longer then bulk and baked it it a 450 degree oven for half an hour then at 430 until it was done, uncovered the loaf pan about fifteen minutes in to the bake and I removed the loaf from the pan when there was about five or so minutes remaining, then I let it dry out in the oven while it was off and with the door cracked.

My formula is as follows.

  • 368g Bread Flour, 61%
  • 182g Triticale, 30%
  • 110g Levain, (9% flour 9%water)
  • 156g Blue Corn Meal (dry weight), 25%
  • 435g Water, 72%
  • 12g Salt, 2%

And my procedure went

  • 1 hour autolyse (including levain)
  • 2 hour bulk ferment
  • 3 hour and twenty five minute proof
  • bake

The triticale tastes awesome, a lot like rye, but it acted considerably different, while it did feel relatively low in gluten it was considerably easier to work with, and I think the blue corn was just the what it needed, both aesthetically and as a sweet off set to the heavy earthiness of the triticale. I will be including them both in future bakes for sure.


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Love the blue hue, the shape of the loaf and the crumb.  I've seen any triticale to buy but hope to run across it one day.  A cross between wheat and rye has to be good and the taste unique.  Well done and

Happy baking  WS

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A really swell looking loaf, indeed. I, like dbm, have failed to find triticale or triticale flour anywhere, but its pedigree has always left me salivating: rye and wheat having a baby? That's got to be delicious !

Great work, WS. Thanks for the write-up.

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Lovely lookin bake WS.  


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Like you I had only heard of triticale before this bake, then I moved near the bob's red mill outlet and the bulk bins there have most anything a person could want, within reason of course.