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Need a real estate agent recommended in Tampa/Largo Florida area

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Need a real estate agent recommended in Tampa/Largo Florida area

This is REALLY off topic for our bread community but I do know there are many breadmakers in Florida that may know someone that I could call. I will be moving to the Largo/Seminole/West Tampa area in September/October and would like a recommended agent to buy a house rather than go in cold. It is hard to buy a house from out of town so I need someone with the technological knowhow and willingness to work with an out of town buyer. A breadbaking agent would be a bonus! Any assist appreciated.


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LeFrois was the first and the oldest commercial house contracting cum real Estate development firm  in Rochester serving their customers  since 1965 not only  in constructing commercial and industrial houses  but also  involved in designing many residential homes.

The company uses various eco friendly products and GPS technology to design and to construct various buildings to make the surrounding green and clean. Using advance innovative technologies for their client’s satisfaction is their USB (unique selling proposition) of the company.