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Help with Italian Bread with cheese and Herbs etc

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Italian Bread

Help with Italian Bread with cheese and Herbs etc

Hi all,

 Im a novice and want to make rustic italian style bread like a shop in York does - the bread thier is mist and is often made with cheese and different herbs.  One loaf is cheese and marmite!  My question is how do I add the cheese? Do I add grated cheese into the dough mix? Do I melt it first?  IN terms of herbs I presume I just add that with the mix and for moisture add olive oil, but I can find any recipes that explain how to add cheeses, please help.  Im presuming you can add meat as well?


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I think the best way to add the cheese is probably to grate it and knead it in.  Scatter it on your kneading board and knead it in.  Or sprinkle it on top of the dough in the mixer bowl if you're using a dough hook.  At least that's how I would do it if the recipe didn't tell me.  I'd probably add fresh herbs the same way.

I'm a bit curious - what type of cheese is it?


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