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OMG I was lucky. phewww

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OMG I was lucky. phewww

Note to self: Do not bake at 2.15 am in the Morning when you are tired but can not sleep.

I wanted to bake a white loaf which I usually enhance with unfed wheat Sourdough Starter.

I had pulled it out in the Afternoon, fed it and put the half that I took out in a bowl for the white loaf.

In my tired head I gone and dumped the white Starter from the Jar in the Sink.

Why did I do it????? 

I have NO NO NO Idea at all. 


Well, that is my excuse and I shall stick to it.

Thank god that the Unfed Starter was not yet mixed in with Flour, it just sat in that bowl.

It was about 60g, just what I needed.

You can not imagine how happy I was.

* I even done the happy dance round the kitchen, but psssst... *

Well , later I remembered that I have my backup wheat Starter in the fridge and dried Starter in the freezer.

Now THAT made me feel even more stupid.

Back up your Starters people!


barryvabeach's picture

I can't tell you how many times I stopped myself before pouring juice in my cereal, and when I would make bread in the morning, more often than not I would forget one thing or another.  I don't know how professional bakers can do it so early in the morning without making tons of mistakes.

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lol, I can imagine the shock.

I admire professional Bakers, they start so early.

I worked as housekeeper in a Bakery, by the time I arrived for work their Shelfs was stacked with Bread and rolls and Cakes....

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I almost searched for that not too long ago thread about dumb stuff we do and sometimes get away with....I don't usually work with poolish (that's my excuse for the day) so too early this morning I took a 4 cup measuring cup with about 3 cups of warm water over to the counter where the scale etc awaited. I carefully weighed out the flour mixture, then the water, the directions say to pour the water around the edges of the poolish to make it easy to remove. What a good idea I thought as I picked up the measuring cup and started to pour from it. Probably poured a good cup of water around the bowl before I realized that I was using the leftover water NOT the weighed amount. I dumped out as much as I could and continued on. Added about a half cup of flour as I mixed since the dough seemed really wet (really?) It seems to be doing well in the bulk ferment - now I'll have to make this same bread again soon to see what it is "supposed" to taste like. Looks like we three recover from our early morning (mis)adventures!

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Oh dear ,that is the most common mistake I make, that way I got a very thin starter in no time out of a stiff one. 

I weight the wate, set it aside and poured everything that was in the jug in to the Jar.

Why do we bake in the middle of the Night?


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Mini Oven

for those midnight pre-ferments.  Basic, one reads:  200g water 200g flour  mix and cover  (extremely simple & applies to a multiple of recipes make another with a pinch of yeast included.  If the cards hang on clips, you can drop it onto your covered pre-ferment so you know what you did.) and I make it my personal policy never to wash dishes or clean anything in the wee hours.  I may set it covered in the sink.  That way, after my coffee, should I discover I screwed up, all is not lost.  (I even have a freezer label note on my old mixer for a poolish.) 

Oh and cereal with orange juice can be inoculated with starter for a loaf, makes a nice change.  Just be sure to mark it with a sticky note if you share the kitchen.  (been there too!)  Lol!

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Oh good, I am not alone messing things up when up and tired and and..

I made so many stupid things, not only with baking.

I came home from a Night out with friends, I was still smoking than.

I waved goodbye to them, put the cigarette in the keyhole and threw the key away. pffft

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See....they should put that on the pack of cigarettes as a warning!

PetraR's picture

lol, yes, they should.