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Sticky disaster

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Sticky disaster

I recently made a loaf of sourdough from a recipe I found on shipton mill site. The dough looked great the best I've ever made. I don't have a proving basket yet so I floured a tea towel and placed it in a bowl over night (longer than the recipe stated) by morning it looked fantastic more than doubled and sprung back when prodded I tiped the bread out only to find it stuck to the tea towel and ruined has any one got any advice  


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Be fairly liberal with your dusting of the bowl especially with doughs that will be chilled overnight.  If it's excessive you can brush some off right before baking with a pastry brush.  Better yet use rice flour or a blend of rice and white flour.  Rice flour is very good at preventing dough from sticking.  The smoother the towel and less porous will also help but a tea towel usually works pretty good.  

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the advice golgi70. The bread actually turned out really well (Apart from the shape) the crumb was just what I was looking for more like ciabatta. Will make sure I don't spare the flour on the tea towel next time. 

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alittle of this...

I think that using a bowl instead of a basket holds in more moisture that make the dough stick to the floured cloth.  I've had better success using a cloth lined colander - still using lots of flour.  I think I will try the rice flour trick next time.