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My wife told me that the starter/biga/poolish should mature in a dark place. I thought that it was more the temperature that mattered. Any Info?


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dark places and were searching for the light?  I keep mine on the counter when using them but dfo try to keep them out of direct sunlight so they don't overheat or get chromosomal damage and end up eating the whole house or possibly even Chicago.

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I keep mine on the counter but out of direct Sunlight.


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Mini Oven

only if you want elves messing in it.  

They can be pretty pesky if in a bad mood.  

If the kitchen is cold, parking in the sun can warm up the starter and speed up fermentation.  Check often so it doesn't overheat and covered so it doesn't dry out.  I've made yoghurt parking my jars inside a cardboard box in the sun, helps to  prevent hot spots from direct light and gets nice and warm in there up to 40°C.  Check on it often or stick a thermometer into the box and don't let it get any warmer.

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Thanks to all of you for commenting, and for sharing your experience. I am a baking newbie and have been experimenting with how to obtain the best starter/poolish/biga/sponge. I appreciate the input and will try update with my progress. Just made the "Pain de Provence" last night, and, except that it didn't look pretty like Floyd's, it did taste pretty good. (Used less Herbs de Provence than recipe called for, and still very fragrant.)

Thanks again. Cheers.