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can i achieve large irregular crumb with this recipe?

can i achieve large irregular crumb with this recipe?

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A generic loaf that I can add a porridge to, or a soaker of mixed seeds, and changing from 10% whole wheat or whole wheat rye.


Prep time
Cooking time46 minutes
Total time46 minutes


750 g
300 g
100% hydration whole wheat starter
500 g
65% hydration pate fermente
35 g
500 g
seed soaker (covered in boiling water then soaked overnight, then drained)


Make soaker the day before.

Make starter the night before with 10 to 12 hours fermenting time at room temp.

Make pate fermente the day before with 2 hours of fermentation or until doubled at room temp. Then in the fridge overnight.

In the morning:

Combine water, starter, whole wheat, pate fermente, bread flour salt in mixer. Mix on low for 3 min.

Autolyse for 15 min.

Mix for 10 min on medium speed. When gluten window is formed, add seeds and mix until incorporated. 

Put into oiled container with a lid. 

Turn every 30 min by doing stretch and folds on the bench for 3hours.

Turn out onto bench being careful not to deflate. Divide.

Fold like an envelope, then into a Boule. Put seam side down onto proof board covered.

Rest 1 hour.

Tighten the boules, trying not to lose any bubbles and place on proofing board covered. Put into the fridge overnight.

Let come to room temp for an hour. 

Cook in cast iron that's been warming in a 500 degree oven. 23 min covered, 8 min uncovered, 15 min with the door cracked.