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Delicious No-Knead Wholegrain Einkorn Sourdough Recipe

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Delicious No-Knead Wholegrain Einkorn Sourdough Recipe

Just tried this with great success and thought I'd share. 



100 grams wholegrain einkorn flour

100 mls water

100 grams sourdough 100% hydration

Leave for about 8 hours or until ready to use.



Retain 100g of above for next baking. 

Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to remainder and stir in well. 

Then add 100 mls of water and 90 mls of pineapple juice. Mix.

Then add 325 grams of wholegrain einkorn flour - with 7 grams of salt already added - slowly and mix well. 

Pour into baking tin and leave to rise for about 8 hours or however long needed. 







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Mini Oven

This looks very interesting a tasty, a batter bread?   I've bookmarked it for later.   Got any pics?  

Did you add any salt?  (oops found it)

Where did you find the recipe?

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Breadtopias spelt sourdough and amounts were calculated for a small loaf the size my bread maker takes. Made the thick batter by hand and baked in machine. I find that einkorn doesn't 'bubble' as much as other flours so added pineapple into the recipe to help and not sure if that helped or just added to flavour but came out so well and rose no problem. Don't have pics will try and do some.



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Ploetziade 2 recipe!  At 68% hydration?  i'm\guessing it didn't want to pour too easily - forgot it was no knead and pretty slack.  Sounds like a fine recipe.  Happy baking.

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Only been baking sourdough for one month. Getting better. I'm very proud of this einkorn. Its almost like a malt loaf. Not familiar with Ploetziade 2 recipe going to look it up. 

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More very sticky dough than batter. Einkorn is impossible to knead or fold. Wanted to get around handling it. 


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Perhaps transfer is better :)