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Hi from Dar es Salaam

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Hi from Dar es Salaam

entered the bread making community 3 weeks ago.

(as I'm a bit fed up with what they sell as bread around here, not that I'm being proud of what my own country produces as bread -being Dutch- but I know there is some nice French/German/Italian bread recipes out there)

So my first Ciabatta turned out to be more like a German bread (wrong flour for instance) but tasted very nice.

Started with my 3rd try this afternoon with a third flour, fingers crossed.


working with sourdough starter (from scratch)

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Not having the items that make us happy and comfortable leads to sadness or the desire to learn and create them ourselves.  Welcome and good luck with your new hobby. :)

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Well, I went in a couple of weeks from chinese dumplings (no way you can get them here), to tortillas (yes they have them here but for an insane price) which are mostly flour and water to the question why don't I make my own bread.

It is not a new hobby, just a new depth to one I have for a long time