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Barley Free Flour

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Barley Free Flour

I'm wanting to start baking bread for my wife but she cannot tolerate Barley.

For Pizza making I use Molino Caputo Tipo 00 Flour which she seems to be able to eat.

Can anyone suggest something?




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Barley malt is a common additive in most flours, since it helps break down starches into sugars for the yeast to eat. Caputo does not use it to my knowledge, so presumably that's why she tolerates it. Should be listed as an ingredient if it's in a flour though. I think many organic flours don't include any enrichments, including barley malt.

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whole grain flours should be safe from any added barley malt. She must really be sensitive that such meager amounts cause discomfort, but as ericreed says, it has to stated on the packaging if there's any malt added to a flour. If you're not sure, you can always contact the flour company and ask -- they must tell you one way or the other.

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I think much of the added alpha-amylase enzymes in flours are derived from a fungus, not barley. Unless her allergy is specific to alpha-amylase--from the literature, a possibility--she probably won't have a problem.

Another alternative is mill your own flour. Wheat contains a small quantity of amylase enzymes on it own. It may be enough to yield satisfying doughs. They will likely require longer bulk fermentation, proofing, and will not brown as readily as enriched flour doughs.

David G


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For what its worth......
I've continued my research and have read A LOT of labels on bags.

So far I've learned that if a label says "Organic" there is no guarantee that there is no barley.  Over 90 percent of the Organic labels I've seen contain barley.

Of the white flour products I've found within 100 miles of here only Arrowhead Mills Unbleached White Flour contains no barley.