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My first post Passover sourdough loaf

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My first post Passover sourdough loaf

Well Passover ended last Tuesday night and my new starter was born. Many of you helped me with my last starter RIP (which was also my first), and guided me through my first attempt, which helped me immensely. The last few months was a learning curve which I couldn't have done without all your helpful advice. Then Passover came and had to start again. 

Tuesday night I decided to try the pineapple method with rye (my previous being water and a mixture of flours). I had such success this time round that by Saturday night I had a great starter (only been four days and it's tripling in size already) and decided it was time for the first loaf. Here is the recipe I used from the website ...

350 grams water

2 tablespoons agave 

1/4 cup starter

530g whole spelt flour

10g salt

I had amazing success! The dough rose very well, crumb is perfect and chewy, very flavoursome. 

Couldn't have done this without everyone's help.

Thank you guys.