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Yeast-Keeping Botheration

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Yeast-Keeping Botheration

Just bought a pound of saf yeast from KA after realizing it was about $3/lb cheaper than my co-op bulk ady. Then three things happened:

I read in Maggie Glezer that any dry yeast won't keep, once it's opened, for more then two or three months and that it doesn't freeze well;

Hamelman says modern dry yeast is more resistant to freeze-damage, freeze at will;

I recalled that since embarking on the misadventure of sourdough, I use less yeast than I used to, so I really do need to store it or expect to toss some, if Maggie is correct.

This topic has been touched on before. Can I freeze half a pound of yeast and expect it to be lively 6 months from now?

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I bought a package of active dry yeast in Smart & Final a few years ago.  I kept it in the refrigerator in an old plastic margarine container.  It had a lid but the seal wasn't very tight.  It stayed good for 2-3 years.  I wasn't doing a lot of baking then, which is why I had it so long.

I am not recommending this as a planned course of action, but it did work for me. 



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I bought a pound Saf yeast over a year ago. I've kept it in a glass jar in the fridge. I am finally almost done with it. I used some last weekend and it was still quite strong.

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I bought my yeast from Breadtopia and Eric says that it will last for a long time - I keep mine in the freezer in a tightly sealed plastic applesauce jar. I'm hoping it will be good for years, A

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I read in Maggie Glezer that any dry yeast won't keep, once it's opened, for more than two or three months and that it doesn't freeze well

Glezer is wrong. Opened active dry yeast or instant dry yeast will keep in the freezer for at least a year; I've actually kept both for several years with no noticeable degradation in rising power.

I clip the bag shut and keep it in a heavy duty zip lock bag in my freezer. I keep a few measuring spoons in the zip lock bag for convenience (1-tsp; 1/2 tsp; 1/4 tsp).

I use it directly from the freezer.

Numerous bakers (in cooking/baking forums and newslists) have testified from personal experience that either ADY or IDY keeps well in the freezer.

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I bought a pound of SAF yeast and poured it into a jar for storage in the fridge.  I wrote the date I bought it on the jar: 12-03.  I just used it this week and it was fine.


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this is just what I wanted to hear. Thanks, everyone, for your input and just imagine Maggie Glezer being wrong!