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Moister bread....

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Moister bread....


This is my fist post to this site, I just found it :)I have been making my own bread for about 2 months, my question is: Is there something I can add to it to make it moister?  I was thinking sour cream but I am not sure...

Any help would be great!


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Are you working from a recipe?  What does the recipe say?  If you are, there's a good chance you're adding too much flour.

Or are you looking for recipes for moister breads?  What kinds of bread have you been making?


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You should really consider looking at bread from a "formula" perspective rather than a recipe perspective. An excellent book that explains it in an uncomplicated way is The Bread Bakers Apprentice. Your moisture problem could be that your ratio of water to flour, called  "hydration" could need adjusting. Or maybe what you are looking for is an "enriched" bread which means that your bread formula would have fat  in the form of olive oil, butter or shortening added, or even eggs such as challa. This will certainly make for a moist loaf. Remember, however,  that some breads should be a less moist than others. I hope this helps.