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hi from the UK

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hi from the UK

just thought id say hello..... Ive been making bread for a few years on and off and just love it.

interesting reading about the stretch and folding technique, have to try it.

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Hi Darren,  I'm from the UK too.

I love stretch and fold.  It makes bread-baking so much more enjoyable for me, and gives great results too.  Let us know how you get on with it, won't you?

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and you can really learn a lot from our community here.

Stretch & Fold is my default technique if I don't work with pre-doughs. I often change the method in a recipe I try to my preferred S & F from "Artisan Bread Every Day", plus overnight cold retardation of the dough - works like a charm!

My latest example is the lovely Austrian Easter Bread Pinze.

Happy Baking,



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Thanks for the welcome

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I am another of the many UK bakers on TFL and I make the majority of my breads (anything other than, mainly, white soft yeasted bread) using either stretch and fold, slap and fold or a combination of the two.  If you can't find answers to any questions just ask away and someone will, more likely than not, pop up to assist you.

Happy Baking