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Tsoureki dough looks like the surface of an orange?

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Tsoureki dough looks like the surface of an orange?

Hi guys, this is my first post here. I've been making delicious sourdough bread for quite some time now. Today I'm making tsourekia (greek sweet challah-like bread).

I encountered the same problem I always encounter when baking bread: the dough is elastic enough to pass the windowpane test but it never looks smooth. It's wrinkly and might even have some holes. It looks like the dough is supposed to look like on the inside if you cut it with a knife? I can't upload pictures, so I hope this will help.

It always rises sufficiently and looks and tastes great when baked. I'd looked into it before and found a post here where someone said that the dough only looks silky and smooth when it has fat in it. The recipe I used called for 300 gr of butter and 4 eggs to 1 kg of flour, so there's plenty of fat in it. So why does it still look ugly?

Help me, please?