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Hello from Pennsylvania!

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Hello from Pennsylvania!

I've been baking for a long time, but just recently got into baking with my own sourdough starter. My starter is 6 months old and I've gotten many tips for keeping it alive and baking with it from this site. I wanted to get back to my roots and bake bread the way my ancestors did. Creating the starter and baking with it is a fulfilling experience.

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Hello! I'm new to this site also, but not to sourdough baking. I have two starters. I keep them in a glass quart jar with the lid on very loosely. They are actually quite forgiving little things. I used to feed them regligiously every week, but after a couple of years I discovered that they can go quite long without being fed and still perform nicely. If it's been a couple of months since feeding, then I'll feed it and after about 10 hours, I'll use half of that for pancakes and then feed it again and wait another 10 hours to use for making bread. I've had my starters for close to 4 years now. My wife's boss has a starter thats over 30 years old and he still bakes with it. Like I said they are very forgiving. Good luck with your newfound way to bake.



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Mini Oven

Hope you enjoy the site.  I came here a while back and got hooked.  :)  Mini Oven