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Confusion about 1st rise from Chad Robertson

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Confusion about 1st rise from Chad Robertson

Hello there,

Ive been reading "Tartine Bread" from Chad Robertson and have a few questions that some of you maybe can help?

In the section with more details about the basic loaf, Chad writes that you can let the 1st rise happen in the night and let the 2nd rise rise during the day so you can bake the bread in the afternoon - just like in his own bakery. But how do you do that when you need to give the dough turns every half hour? Do I then need to be up all night to let this happen?

How do they do at Tartine as regarding of rise times? 

The he last question: I know Chad uses a blend of flour to his brea.  One is Guisto's. Does anybody know what the other flour brands are?

Thanks in advance!



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David Esq.

It won't answer all of your questions, but some, perhaps.


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Hi Niclas,

At least some of their flour is from Central Milling /Keith Guisto Bakery Supply in Petaluma.  I have been there to pick up their Artisan Bakers Craft flour and saw their name on the delivery schedule board, along with many other top Bay Area bakeries like Acme.  The ABC is now available at many Costco outlets and it is excellent flour.