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Greetings from East Tennessee!

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Eastern Star Geek

Greetings from East Tennessee!

My name is Daniel, and I am an amateur cook and baker.  I love good food, and my Mom taught me well the basics of how food works.  For the last 40 years, I have been continually learning and experimenting with new ideas and techniques.

By day, I am an engineer, but I love to fix food at home for my wife and I.  As a huge science geek, every kitchen foray is as much an exercise in thermodynamics and biochemistry as it is gastronomy.

After a very long hiatus, I am re-discovering the joys of yeast baking, and I hope to learn much more from all of you!

A native resident of the greater New York Metropolitan area for over 40 years, I now reside in the Tri-Cities area of upper Eastern Tennessee, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

(The "Eastern Star" part of my moniker is after one of the three stars of the Tennessee State Flag, signifying the Eastern third.)

I am currently on a search for the Lithuanian Rye bread I enjoyed at the home of a close childhood friend.  They would buy it at the Polish markets in the Greenpoint neighborhood of NYC.  What I wouldn't do to reproduce that in my kitchen!


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Welcome to the South!  Floyd Mann is our host on this web site.


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kind of Lithuanian rye you are looking for but there are a few examples on TFL you can find by using the search for Lithuanian her is one I found that I thought was interesting,  Danish and Lithuanian Scalded Rye Breads

I like to use Werewolf Lithuanian beer in rye breads for the liquid too.

Welcome and happy baking

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I look forward to learning some tips from you. I have only been baking bread for a couple of years and have only just got passed the most basic of the basics.