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You got me...tales from a disenchanted pastry chef

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You got me...tales from a disenchanted pastry chef

Lately I've been baking bread. Not sure why, I just have been. It could be because bread in the US comes in plastic bags, is stark white, and has almost NO crust to speak of. Of course it could also be because I just like to cook.

I stumbled onto this place almost by accident. I was baking baguettes and was wondering if there was any other shapes to make them into, searched the web, and happened upon the fresh loaf. I found the 'other shapes' I was looking for elsewhere, but I was intrigued by the site. People bake for fun? It wasn't just me? Amazing. Sign me up!

As for the title, a little bit about myself. An IT-lifer and college drop-out. Made it through the bad times of IT, then decided one day to go to cooking school. Graduated from one, then moved to CA. Went to pastry school and thought I wanted to ply my trade in the field. Landed a job at the Four Seasons Aviara and realized the job wasn't for me. So it was back to the golden-handcuffs of IT...

Strangely, my desires to make pastrie have not diminished. You'll find me making all sorts of delicate French tid-bits, truffles, petit-fours, and whatever I can dream up. I think my desire to become a chef was merely a selfish endeavor...I don't regret one bit of it, even if cooking school cost me a pretty penny...

Ah well
I got some Palmiers on-deck for tommorow, I'll show you guys some pastries when they're done.



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I'm thinking of following the same path--currently working in IT and thinking about pursuing a pastry chef career. Going to school is pretty expensive so I'd like to know all I can before I decide. Can you give more details about why the field wasn't for you?