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Dough sheeter for croissants

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Dough sheeter for croissants

Hi everyone,

I regularly bake croissants and Danish pastries with pretty consistent results. However, I find the final rolling stages in particular quite a drag and I worry I end up overworking the dough in the process. 

I've had a look around a professional bakers and have seen the huge dough sheeters they use for croissants. I was wondering if anyone knew if you can buy small, tabletop versions of these. Alternatively, has anyone ever used a pasta roller for this purpose?

Thanks in advance


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it depends on how much you want to spend. you can look into used pizza dough/fondant sheeters on ebay which are "table top" but still very big. Id assume most pasta rollers wont be wide enough or allow for the correct thickness and will just ruin your laminated dough

if you have every taken a pottery class then you would be familiar with a slab roller. Id recommend googling around instructions on how to make your own for cheap or you could buy one like this


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A while back, I got a slab roller here. I haven't used it as much as I'd like, but the results are promising. I tried once to get to size in a single pass. Don't do it. Take my word for it. If you start with an 8×8×¾ in block of dough, roll first to ½ in, then to ¼ in. That will give you a sheet very close to 8×24 in, ready to letter fold, all within a minute or two.

Obviously, this isn't rated for commercial use, but for home made croissants it's great.