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Thank you from Julzology

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Thank you from Julzology

Hello all, nice to meet you!


Today I googled quick ciabatta recipes and I found the recipe here for "Jason's quick coccodrillo ciabatta" and I have to say thank you because in my various attempts at ciabatta I have never been this successful.  This ciabatta is almost as good as the one from the local baker which I love and have strived to achieve.  Really, really flavorful and nice crumb and crust.  I have totally impressed my husband.  

I can't wait to get acquainted with the forum and all the information that I imaging is available here.  



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Hi, Julzology!

Welcome to TFL!

It sounds like you got off to a good start.


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David Esq.

Might even have been my first bread period. Welcome and as good luck on all future bakes!

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I live in NY on Long Island and we have a local baker whose work I have admired since I moved here.  This is the closest I've come to the crumb and crust in his loaves.  It is truly a happy moment for me. 

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Be careful around here.  Before long you'll have your own sourdough cultures and make better bread than your local baker.  Now Long Island Bagels are tough to beat.  At least the one's I had growing up.  mmmm