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eziekiel bread

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darleen aldridge

eziekiel bread

has any body made eziekiel bread?


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I have not made it, having difficulty finding a recipe with exact measurements. However, I bought some at the grocery store was nasty. Bitter, dull taste. The texture was good, that's about all. Could be just the brand, but I have never seen it anywhere else.

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I have made several loaves of Ezekiel bread recently. 15 last week with an order from the same lady for 3 more tomorrow.

I have found a good recipe that seems to work. Thanks to God. And the people who purchased it say that it tastes great. I don't know. Have been too busy making it for others to be able to make a loaf for us.

I am using a new recipe I found on the 'Net. It does have a few extra ingredients that are not in the Bible version. But it is still a whole-grain version. Much like a corn bread.

I am still looking for a good recipe that uses sprouted grains instead of the milled grains. A friend, who is a naturopath, told me she could sell all the loaves I could make if I used the sprouted grains.


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Mike Avery

People who look at the Ezekiel bread recipes forget a major thing.

Ezekiel was to eat it as a pennance.  It was not a prescription for healthy living.  He was making an attonement.

Also, if you are going to be authentic, you need to cook it over burning cow manure.



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I've been thinking about making a sprouted grain bread, so i bought some grains to sprout. you can sprout millet, wheat berrries, buckwheat, lentils, barley.. whatever, in a reasonably short time (between 3-5 days)

just buy a little from a bulk section at your natural store,  then mix the sprouts into your dough. at least, that's what i heard. i came on here looking to find a good ezekial recipe.. i like this bread (not every day) but it's terribly expensive.