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5kg sourdough loaf

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5kg sourdough loaf

Here's a big loaf I baked on a wood oven. Very tasty, and every slice has the same size, so nobody's jealous!

5kg sourdough


Here's a pic of the crumb:

 sourdough crumb


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Great job! How did it taste???

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that thing looks like a real monster. must have been fun to make!

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Very tasty, sour but not too much, and a bit bitter on the crust which is almost burnt.

I had a slice this morning with fig jam, delicious :p

It was actually really hard to transfer it to the oven peel, I had to call a friend to give me a hand!

Soon I'll try a bigger one, I'll put some pictures. I want to see how long a big load like that can keep, unfortunately this one is almost finish allready, didn't make it big enough for the family!

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Was there a reason for this extreme bread or was it simply a product of youthful zeal and a taste for hi-jinks? Fig jam sounds wonderful, too, I'm sure I'd love fig jam. How does a person react when asked to do bread dough assist?

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I've been reading in a book (Le pain par Poilane) that bakers used to bake loaves up to 10 - 15 kg. So it made me want to try the same, although this one is only 5kg.

I also wanted to see how long it would keep, unfortunately it was eaten after 3 days, but I've been told one of my flatmates cuts the first slice(the dry one) and throws it on the bin, to get a fresh slice. Next time I see him, I'm gonna cut his balls off.

 Anyway this saturday I'm gonna try bake an even bigger one, so look up!

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Great bread! I like your "we can do this attitude".

Can you show us a photo of the oven?


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I don't have any picture with me, but I'd try to take my camera to work so I can show you.

The oven doesnt look real good, but it makes beautiful bread. It's a rotating sole wood fired oven.

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How did you manage to knead such a big  dough? By hand or what?

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I used a dough mixer, but it's not hard to mix big doughs by hand, you just have to leave the dough rest much longer.