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New Baker from Palestine.

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New Baker from Palestine.


for a moment I though that I make a mistake when I join this forum, because I never ever make a Loaf like what you do , I`m an experience with the flat (Iraqi) loaf, that usually using it her in Palestine especially for Shawarma sandwich,BUT, though that it will be nice to share my experience with other a round a world.

wish the best for all.

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welcome from AUS and we look forward to seeing your breads

regards yozza

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Welcome from California. Look forward to seeing your posts!

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one of the greatest sandwiches ever invented. 

Happy baking from sunny Arizona

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Please share your experiences. We would love to hear about and see your Iraqi flat loaves.




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Hello Ihab

I too am looking forward to learning about your flat breads.

To start learning about the bread you see here, click on the "Lessons" and the "Handbook" links at the top of the each page.

Ask questions, we will try and help. There are lots of kind people posting here.



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That is the nice thing here, that we come from all over the world, and can learn from each other

Happy Baking!

Karin (originally from Hamburg/Germany, now US).

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yozzaus - tchism - dabrownman - BobS - RobynNZ - hanseata ,

many many thanx for greeting me that much.

for whom interested about my flat bread , here is a short video that my daughter take it to me - to my back - last summer  while i was working , hope you enjoy it.

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Ihab: You obviously have a lot of experience making these flatbreads...they look delicious.  Glad you have enjoyed our forum.  All the best (from California)  Phyllis

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Thanx a lot Phyllis for the compliment ,

I`m not that experience, but it's really delicious ,

you are %100 right about that ;)

all the best wishes from Gaza.

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Greetings Neighbor,

Welcome to the site. Shawerma is a standard street food around here in Cairo and its something I've grown up with. The typical flatbread required for shawerma is an interesting bread mutation because it needs to be very strechy and elastic but not puffy. I'd love to see a detailed recipe from an experienced baker such as yourself.

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Ahlan Aly,

nice to meet some one here so close to my location, and yes you are right about the flat bread describe , almost %90 of the experience in this bread to prevent it from rending when you cycle the sandwich.

a question please , does the bakeries in Egypt make it very salty like we do here in Gaza?

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The Yakima Kid

Share a recipe, please!

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I will dear , just don`t have enough time for open new thread about this recipe ,

then not replying to the members whom might have questions.

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Welcome to TFL!

Hope to see more posts from you.

Khalid - From Dubai

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Ahlan Khalid,

thanx for your greeting ,

and for sure , you will read more and more post from me.

have a pleased Jom3a.