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SFBI Professional Program

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SFBI Professional Program

Hello everybody! Hope you´re all doing well.

I need some help... Looks like I will be able to take part of the Professional Program at the SFBI, I can´t afford all of it so I´m struggling with what to take and what not to take. I´m sure about Series I, II, V, VI, VII. I can´t do them all and I can´t decide which one to drop between series III, IV and VIII. I´ve been baking on my own for some time now and I really want to make the most of this opportunity so any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, anything will be gratefully welcomed. 

Series I: Fundamentals of Mixing and Fermentation

Series II: Natural Yeast and Whole Grain Baking 

Series III: German Breads and Ancient Grain Baking

Series IV: Baking with Wood Fired Oven

Series V: Introduction to Enriched Doughs and Lamination

Series VI: Advanced Viennoiserie 

Series VII: Pastry Fundamentals: Ingredients and Techniques

Series VIII: Pastry Dough: Pies, Tarts and Choux


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I assume you are interested in bread mostly. If so, certainly keep III as there is a lot to learn about when you bake flours other than the traditional while and whole wheat.  I would think that you could pass on wood-fired ovens unless you think you have a strong possibility of working with one.


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Thanks Paul, 

I am mostly interested in bread so I´ll keep Series III I will also try to do Series VIII then I can have the whole bread and pastries series. I´m excited!

Thank you for your help!


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I agree with pj. If your plan is to become a bread baker, then keep series 3. Skip the wood burning oven unless you plan to use one professionally or at home very frequently. If you want to be a pastry chef, then I would keep series 8 (pastry dough). 


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Thank you for taking the time to read and help!

I´ll do what you suggest, keep series III and series VIII and drop the wooden oven one... It´s a bit more than planed but then I would have the whole bread and pastry series. 

Thank you!