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Brown Butter Financier

Brown Butter Financier

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This recipe is formulated for a dessert menu so the quantity is larger than perhaps a home baker truly needs, or is able to consume ;). The quantity produced will fill a 1/2 sheet pan, at a height of around 1 inch, before rising in the oven. It is imperative to not over whisk any ingredients in this recipe as air pockets are unsightly. Banging the pan on a firm counter top is advisable. The results are consistent and have produced this delicate little cake countless times. At the restaurant we paired it with strawberry compote, lavender and Chantilly cream. I list vanilla pod in this recipe, however it is  optional luxury, if not available, don`t concern yourself as we did not include it our restaurant version. The Ingredients are as follow;




Prep time15 minutes
Cooking time30 minutes
Total time45 minutes


330 g
Brown Butter (Use a full pound of butter at the opening phase to compensate for evaporation)
540 g
Icing Sugar
540 g
Egg Whites (Lightly whisked, to break albumen)
100 g
all purpose flour (Sifted)
380 g
Ground Almonds (Sifted)
Vanilla Bean (Optional*)


For Brown Butter;

Pre-heat a medium saucepan and add a full pound of fresh butter. Cook until the butter colors hazelnut, the butter can overcook quickly at this point so take of heat immediately. Strain while hot.

For Financier Loaf;

Pre-heat oven to 350F. Allow brown butter to cool to room temperature. Whisk brown butter in to slightly foamy egg whites until combined. If using vanilla bean, incorporate at this stage. In a separate vessel, sift ground almonds, all purpose flour and icing sugar together. Sifting allows air to incorporate into the mass during baking and produces a delicate texture. Gently whisk wet mixture into the sifted flours, until combined. Transfer cake batter to a sheet pan, lined with parchment paper. Bang pan several times on a countertop, bringing bubbles to the surface of cake. If large bubbles exist, pop them with a sharp pin, needle, toothpick, etc. Bake the financier cake until the edges begin brown, about 30 minutes. Baking times are subjective, so be sure to use your instincts while it cooks, as opposed to timer. Best serve at room temperature, or slightly warm. It is advantageous baking this in a sheet pan because once cooled, it can be cut in to invidual portions with a sharp knife, or ring molds.


Financier is the a dainty French cake revered for it's crumb less nature, hence it's suitability as a snack cake for well dressed individuals. Traditionally this cake is baked individually in 'gold bar' shaped molds.Shaped financier molds are easily found from online sources, typically in silicone. Silicone molds are suitable for aesthetic purposes, however some lovely crispness on the edges will be sacrificed as a result. When available, always use well butter metal, ideally copper. Best of luck with your baking, and if any practical questions come up while executing this recipe, I'll be happy to troubleshoot and get you back baking.