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The Fresh Loaf Oregonian Picnic - Sept 15?

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The Fresh Loaf Oregonian Picnic - Sept 15?

Just thought I'd throw a date out there. How's Saturday, Sept. 15 sound for Oregonians (and anyone else who'd like to make the trip) to meet up, say hello and break bread together? Are we meeting at Bob's Red Mill? I understand they have a few picnic tables, but perhaps a state park would also be nice. I dunno -- I'm totally new to the state.

Wherever we meet, why don't we try to gather around noon for the picnic?

Sound good? And is Bob's Red Mill a good picnic place?

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September 15th should be fine for me. As I said, I'm close enough that I can make it most any weekend.

If memory serves me right, the picnic tables at Bob's are a nice enough place to eat a sandwich but not really an appropriate place to hang out for a couple of hours or let the kids run around. Sellwood Park or Westmoreland Park are each only about 5-10 minute away, and they each have green space, playgrounds, picnic tables, and restrooms. Either one of those might be a good place to migrate to after grain shopping.

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Dont forget mid-september in Oregon makes for a very high likelihood of rain! Someplace with an indoor option just in case might be a good one..

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Eh... C'mon, a little rain won't hurt anyone. Bring a jacket with a hood.

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for the 15th. I know I'm new to Oregon, but I don't especially think of September as being rainy. I thought that started more the end of October, but what do I know! This will be lots of fun, rain or shine.

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Somehow my post earlier this week didn't make it... probably my fault. Saturdays are fine, mid Sept. isn't likely for rain in my fifty plus years experience in Oregon, but the mill won't be open for tours on Saturday. Although, if there are enough of us I don't mind trying to talk them into a special open-up-for-us-alone-on-Saturday type of event. If they say no we could threaten to buy bags and bags of flour if they do...