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my husband got my high gluten flour

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my husband got my high gluten flour

instead of bread flour. Is there a way to make it work for things like white bread in a bread machine? (As much as I would love to do bread by hand I have 5 kids and always off on erands. I just don't have the time) Is there a way to maybe mix all purpose and HG to make bread flour? (Where I know HG is to high in gluten for a soft bread and AP is to low)

Analytical SpecificationStandard
Moisture %14.0Maximum
Ash % (14% M.B.)0.54Target
Protein % (14% M.B.)14.0Target
Falling number value260+/- 30


that is the specs of the flour DH got me. We can not return the flour where he ordered it from work. (He does deliveries to restaurants.)

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Here is a similar post you could look at for a reference. I think you could mix them together, as you've suggested, and get decent results. The poster in this other thread had bread and cake flour, and was trying to make AP. It was suggested that the cake flour had too fine a grind, but your situation won't have that problem. Have a look:

Edit: Oh, I just thought of a good precedent for your situation: people often add Vital Wheat Gluten to their All Purpose flour in order to get the right structure for good bread. High Gluten flour is lower in gluten than VWG, so should work at least as well, if not better.

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to get the kind of protein i need for a certain bake.  In this case you ahve high gkuten flour at 14 % protein and want 12% bread flour instead, just mix equal amounts of AP at 10% protein with it and you are at 12%.

You can go the other way if you want to make bread flour at 12% protein from 10% AP by using VWG.  VWG comes in various % protein but mine is 65% so I will use that as an example  if you have 500 g of AP you want to boost to 12% protein from 10% -  there is 50 g of protein in the AP (.1 *500=50). 12% flour would have .12*500= 60 g of protein or 10 g more.  Since the VWG is only 65% gluten you take the 10 g of protein you need and divide it by .65 to get 15.4 g of VWG that you would to add to the 500 G of AP to take it from 10% to 12% protein.

Happy baking with reduced HG flour.  

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Mini Oven

to drop the overall gluten content.  Start out replacing 1/3 of the flour with corn, potato, rice, barley, millet, quinoa, or any other gluten free flour and see how it acts in the machine.   

I would go as high as replacing half the flour for cakes and quick breads.