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My weekend bread: 50 % whole bread

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My weekend bread: 50 % whole bread

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Those look great to me and I bet they taste just as nice. :)

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Well, we like its taste...

It has really a different taste because I am fermenting quite long.

1st raising 1 h in room

2nd raising in the refrigerator 12 h

3rd raising in the room again 12 h

1st fold 30 minute

2nd fold 1 hour

1st cook 10 minute in 230 centigrades on the stone+steam

2nd cook 30 minute in 200 C

leaving steam with half open door+10 minutes 200 C

and finally we eat half of a bread right after the owen...  :)

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happy eating and baking!

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thank you  :) 

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Any chance I can see the recipe?