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Cracked Grain in the Nutrimill?? Nutrimill problem?

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Cracked Grain in the Nutrimill?? Nutrimill problem?

I'd heard it mentioned that one could make cracked grain in the Nutrimill.  So this morning, while I was grinding wheat for flour, I decided to try it out.

There are two knobs.  The smaller upper knob is speed control for the motor.  High speed is all the way to the left, and low speed to the right.  They say to use high for most flour, and low for "very coarse flour".  The larger lower dial is on/off and controls how quickly the grains can flow down into the mill, with the coarsest setting to the far right..

I thought that cracked grain could be achieved if I turned both dials all the way to the right.  But what happened was that when I turned the motor speed dial to the right, the motor stopped.  Back to the left, okay.

So I didn't get my cracked grain.  Questions are (1) Is this behavior normal (or, What gives?)? and (2) How can I get cracked grain?


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You have to experiment with both settings. Were you ever able to crack grains to your satisfaction with the Nutrimill?

I have the one-speed Nutrimill model which lacks the upper knob for speed control. However, from what I've learned about the Nutrimill from other forums, you're not going to be able to produce cracked grains if what you're looking for is something the size of bulgar or steel cut oats. Some people even report difficulty getting very coarse cornmeal.

If you have a sturdy blender, you might experiment with using it to crack grains, though I would start with small quantities so you're gentle on your motor.