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American bread lover living the life in Ireland

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American bread lover living the life in Ireland

Hi All! 

Here's a bit more about me, my love for bread, and how it all began.

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No baking powder in soda bread!  Where, in Ireland, do you live?  I lived in Dublin for 3 years, and in six weeks I'll be baking in a farmhouse kitchen in Wexford.

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I was just thinking the other day about trying my hand at some traditional Irish Soda bread! I'd seen a post from dabrownman about preparing for St Patrick's Day, in which he had a picture of green dyed bread. I thought then that it might be nicer to make something that celebrates Ireland in a more traditional manner - real, traditional Irish Soda Bread.

So, either of you have an actual recipe to share, and/or some tips for getting it just right?

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yeasted brown bread, my favorite, or brown soda bread at Ballymaloe.  The famous Rachel Allen has some good recipes for then that can be found on the web but, her even more famous aunt Darina Allen who owns Ballymaloe and the on site cookery school, is a fine chef too. 

If you get the chance to visit or stay there you can sneak into the cookery school after 2 PM for a free treat to watch the cookery demonstration of the day with the students -mif you are a guest.  The basis if the hotel  is a 14th century Norman castle.  To go up to the top of the castle keep you have to find the secret entrance by jumping jump on top of the bar and opening the folding doors behind it :-)  We stayed there nearly a week and loved the place completely.  We have nothing like it in the USA anywhere.  The rooms were fantastic, the service top notch (supplied by the Cookery students) the food and bread excellent and the company divine.  A great place to call home when exploring SE Ireland around Cork.  Cork aslo has one of the best bakeries in Ireland too - Arbutus Bread  Here is a link!blank/c1sb1

Enjoy the soda bread!

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to have been able to attend the three month intensive cooking course at Ballymaloe and loved every minute of it. You're right about the soda bread recipes, they always work as long as you remember not to overdo the bread soda. We students got used to having our bread rejected for our lunch because it had that slight greenish tinge and a very noticeable taste! 

I'm a newbie on this site, having lurked for some time dipping into the wealth of brilliant information. So 'Hi' and a belated thanks to all those who have been continuing my bread education!