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Help with dough roller and dough sheeter

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Help with dough roller and dough sheeter

Hi guys, Im new here.

I have one question for you, Im opening a small deli and coffee shop; I will be making a bunch of pies and quiches, maybe some sables and things like that, NO pizza at all. 


I want to buy a dough sheeter/roller. I worked for some years at Paco Torreblanca bakery and we used an Super expensive dough sheeter that I won't be able to afford. But then I am being offered a anets dough roller sdr-4, brand new for $700.

My question is, will I be able to roll lets say, 4 quiche doughs, 2 pie doughs and bunch of cookie dough daily in a machine like this? I am concern of having to pick up and place the dough with my hands and warm it up. 

Do you have any advise on this?


Thanks a bunch