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Clay (Beehive) Pizza Oven - $300 Portland Oregon

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Clay (Beehive) Pizza Oven - $300 Portland Oregon

This is a fantastic first clay oven for a home baker who wants Oven fired pizza made at home. I have had it for about 5 years and have loved it. I have two we are moving and I'm selling this one. You can easily make a door for it so you can bake bread and cook in it. 

Here is what I bought when I got it new the only thing that comes with the oven is the stand in the picture. The oven has a piece that is broken off in the open area, I have the piece and you can glue it back on. The missing piece is needed if you want to build a door.

This is a fantastic deal and I hope it will go to a passionate baker. $300 cash only, you come and pick it up.

Hand-crafted, terracotta wood-fired oven. Oven specifications: 33" outside diameter, 22" internal diameter, height 25" and weight 350 lbs.


Please email me if you are interested