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First Ever Sourdough Starter

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First Ever Sourdough Starter

Day 1

1 Cup KA BF
1 Cup Warm Water


Day 2

I am not really sure if it is good to have all of this activity under 24 hours after starting this and not even feeding it once. I will let it go and see what happens. I have been doing some reading and found that the brownish liquid isn't much of a problem but all this activity I am not sure is a good or bad thing yet.




Day 3






Day 4

The smell is way less and well , and I don't know if this looks good or not,.






I wanted to share what it looks like, as it is my first time doing this and I find the entire process intriguing to say the least.


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I have had similar results with my first starter. I started it in May with organic whole wheat flour, water and red grapes. It has a very nice, acidic, fruity aroma. The brown liquid is normal and if you have an abundance of air born yeast, plus what is natural in flour, you could easily have some activity after less than 24 hours. Good luck with the rest.