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Does anyone have an idea about a "Bread Improver" book

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Does anyone have an idea about a "Bread Improver" book

Hello everybody.

I'm very interested in boook concerning Bread improvers, their compositions, usage etc.

I have too work in it so i'm interested in all aspects of those.

 Thanks a lot!

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I am not aware of a book that focuses on additives and 'dough improvers' ... I guess this goes more towards industrial rather artisan(al) baking. The most popular (artisanal) publications may talk about diastatic barley malt, ascorbic acid and some natural 'conditioners' (like a pinch of lemon in rye doughs) - but nothing like a chemical reference for other additives.


Here and in the established artisan(al) baking publications you will learn how to improve, modify and control the condition of your dough mainly by the selection of your flour, natural leaven, the formula and the handling of the dough.


And to be honest, unless you plan a hands-off mass production there is no need for any 'dough improves' because your dough will be naturally perfectly fine. Maybe one has to add some 'patience' or 'skill' here and there but that's about it.