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KAF videos

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KAF videos


I just watched the excellent sourdough videos on the King Arthur site via a link on TFL.  Having trouble with very wet doughs I thought I should go back to something simpler for a while. I noticed that the dough on the video looked so easy to use and just perfect although of course the baker is obviously an expert with well-trained magic hands.

Does anyone happen to know what is the formula for that particular sourdough or is that a silly question as all flours are so different? 

I do think the video was a very good guide of what to look for and how to handle the dough without

beating it up.

Thanks for any info.



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Hi Barbara

Not sure which videos you watched but presume it was the ones featuring Robyn & Terri as the Jeffrey Hamelman ones don't highlight sourdough. Under the video titled Sourdough bread: making the dough, there is a link to "recipes in this video":

If this is not the one,you could also take a look at Susan's rendition of Jeffrey Hammelman's basic sourdough on her Wild Yeast blog which she names Norwich Sourdough.

Otherwise, ask KAF they are excellent at helping bakers and will have the correct answer to your query.

With time your hands too will gain a better understanding of handling dough. You will be able to judge if the flour needs a bit more or a bit less water to achieve the consistency you seek. Have fun working your way to that point! 


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Many thanks for your helpful reply. It's getting late here now in UK but I will definitely look at the recipes link tomorrow.

I did make Susan's Norwich Sourdough and it was quite successful but it's early days for me and I need to get

more practice. Even if I can get the KAF formula I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks - never is!  But it's great fun and so interesting..