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Long ferment recipe?

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Long ferment recipe?

I am new to sourdough bread making and want to make a sourdough bread that has a long ferment - at least 24 hrs. I'm gluten intolerant (not celiac) and have heard that some of us gf people can tolerate sourdough made with wheat flours if it has had a LONG time to ferment and break up the gluten in the flour.

Basically, I'm looking for a recipe that has a 24hr+ ferment time (the longer the better), wheat flour(s), and something a novice bread maker can try. (I have plenty of experience baking... just not so much on the bread side).

Any recipes and/or suggestions would be lovely!

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txfarmer has a 36 hours+ baguette recipe on her blog. If you search "36 hour" in the search pane above, you will see lots of people have made it since. Here is the original post from txfarmer:

Edit: I just looked again, and it seems most of the posts included in the search are from txfarmer herself. Seems she loves it and has made lots of variations, even other forms of bread from the 36 hours+ dough.

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I think you could use just about any recipe as sourdough takes a lot longer to rise than commercially-yeasted bread dough, and you can put in the fridge overnight to extend the rising time further.  My sourdoughs always take me longer than 24 hours.

I mix and do stretch and folds early in the evening, and let the dough ferment for a several hours (depending on the temperature in my kitchen).  I then retard the dough in the fridge overnight, and shape, prove and bake the following evening.  If you add in the time for a pre-ferment, my loaves often take more like 40 hours altogether.

I've read posts by people who retard their sourdoughs for several days for a more sour flavour.