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Greetings from Texas

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Greetings from Texas

The first loaf of bread I ever baked was 10 years ago in an old bread machine.  I put the ingredients, fresh from the store, into the machine and it came out wonderful. 

The following week, excited to repeat my success, I put the same ingredients, fresh from the frig, into the machine and baked an impressive brick. Lol I tried again the following day, using my straight from the frig ingredients into the bread machine and created another brick.

Quite confused with my results, it was 8 years before I attempted to bake another loaf of bread.  I had found a bread baking book at the thrift store with a no knead ww bread recipe, and because I was certain that kneading was too time consuming and the because the machine was long gone I decided to try this recipe.

It called for warming the flour in the oven, along with proofing the yeast in warm water.  Aha! Lol  No wonder those last two loaves were bricks!  

For the last two years I have progressed from no knead, to knead and since finding The Fresh Loaf site have been searching, reading, experimenting and learning, AND more importantly, baking wonderful bread, not bricks. Lol


Much gratitude to TFL community for leavening my bread baking interests and skills.  I've been reading and learning here for a few months now, so figured I'd go ahead and register and participate with questions and comments.  Maybe even start a personal progress blog...  maybe


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Keep up the baking and you'll never again buy a loaf of bread from the grocery.


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I'm glad you've found TFL such a great resource.  I look forward to reading your posts :-)

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We've all had our bricks, frisbees, cow pies adn what nots:-)  But, eventually they get very rare.

Happy baking,

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Hiya WheatCheeks & welcome :)

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For the warm welcome and the empathy.  :-)