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Best baker's scale

What's the best scale for heavy production? I'll be weighing 3oz dough balls in large amounts. Should I go digital or  weighted?

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I can't help but think that for a heavy production a divider may be the way to go.

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Videos I have seen of mid-sized production bakeries show mechanical scales at the scaling station - either counterbalance or beam (postal) type.  Makes sense as they would be very tough - to get the equivalent durability of a $300 mechanical scale in digital you'd probably be looking at $2000. 

Old Will Knott scales has a number of choices in the Bakers Scales and Mechanical Scales sections.  You'd probably want to get two sets of weights as well:  one or more with a low certification grade for production use and one with a higher certification grade to test the production weights periodically.  That's assuming you are using a counterbalance; for a beam-type you would just need the test weight.  (Just for the record:  if you are selling the product by weight you need a certified trade scale for the sale weight after baking). 


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Bob S.

Since you are only weighing 3 oz. of dough at a time, perhaps you should consider a top loading dial scale.

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Have a look at the 5:13 point of this video posted on Kens Artisan Bakery website


The baker is portioning buns using what looks like a rather inexpensive digital scale .

Kens is not exactly small potatoes in terms of production;  I’m guessing he doesn’t want much degassing that a divider might cause ? or perhaps wants to be hands on

as much as possible.


I use a spring scale for weighing flour and then a postal scale to weigh everything else. (salt, yeast etc.)

 I’ve also scaled many individual buns on this digital scale as well

The one I’ve been using for three years now, cost me roughly forty dollars ; I use it five days out of seven.

Gets covered in flour a lot; I wipe it down and it’s good to go.


When we got busy last holiday season, I bought two more as backup  “just in case.”

My helper… dropped them both.


You might consider going this way until you trip over a bag of money which affords you being able to buy a dough divider and a really great professional digital scale.

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I have an OXO that weighs up to 10# or so and I use it for mailing, baking, everything. It's works fine. It was also ATKs pick for the best scale. It has a lot going for it like a display that pulls out for large objects. It's not the sexiest looking, but I want to use my scale and not admire it. I think it cost less than $50. Be aware there is one OXO available that only weighs to near 5#. It's also a bit less expensive. The one I have, the one that weighs 10# + handles the bowl from the Ankarsrum, wet ingredients and such with no problem. I don't think the lesser model will.