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I've been making croissants almost every weekend for a month, testing different recipes, e.g., Thomas Keller, Tartine, etc.


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Those look fantastic.  So with all of your experience, which are the best???

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The first batch of the TK recipe were really small, and not proofed well. For the second batch I was able to get my hands on the diastatic malt powder that is in the recipe, and had better proofing temps, as well as shaped them bigger, so they were much better (those are in the picture). For the Tartine recipe, I'm actually using that dough for morning buns, picture coming soon! 

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I just started swimming so I can try and lose some weight...I would love to eat all of these, but I fear I would have to swim from New York to Florida to work off the calories!

Great looking bake.  So which recipe do you like the best?  How was the crumb?

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gorgeous bake! i'm trying to become proficient in croissant myself (1 batch per weekend!). I will definitely try adding diastatic malt into my next batch. Thanks!