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Why do my loaves have that caved in look )( on the sides?

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Why do my loaves have that caved in look )( on the sides?

I have used a bread machine for many years now but for some unknown reason sometimes my loaves have that caved look from the sides )( which is sometimes accompanied by a cracked top.

The recipe I am using is white bread which I have made into Buttermilk and I add an egg so I have reduced the yeast. I am using a Sears which is like my Betty Crocker from the past.

Recipe: 1 cup water/milk, 1 tsp salt, 2 Tbl sugar, 1 large egg, 1 heaping tsp dry buttermilk - 2 heaping tsp if using water, 3 Cups bread flour and 1-1/2 tsp yeast. Regular bread, medium.

Can anyone tell me why the sides will cave in sometimes and what I can do to correct it please?

Thank you very much,

**edited 7/30/07: I was advised that my loaves are incorporating too much air and that I should "knock down" the dough before the baking cycle. 

When I mentioned this to a baker he advised that it sounded like my ingredients weren't blending properly if I was getting air-bubbles.  Well, I haven't been heating the butter or milk to room temperature so I am going to try it.  I wanted to mention what I have found in case anyone else has caved-in loaves too. 

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Maybe it's dough too wet. Since you measure it by volume not by weight, sometimes you may put not enough flour.

Egg also contributes to the water amount in your dough.

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Thank you wildeny, I will try measuring the egg with the liquid and see if it helps.

Have a great day!

**edited: no change but thanks for the suggestion anyway.  Linda