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Buying Flour in Turkey

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Buying Flour in Turkey

I'm currently staying in Turkey and would like to do some bread baking while I'm here. It's my understanding that at least some of the flour sold here is excellent for making breads like baguettes or like the everyday crusty Turkish white bread. Many different flours are sold at the grocery store near my adopted apartment here in Istanbul, but I'm not sure what to look for. What protein content, grind, ingredients, etc should I go for? Does anyone know a particular brand that's especially good? Any guidance or information would be much appreciated!

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I believe many of my Turkish blogger friends use Söke Un for bread making.

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I ran some tests for a fellow who had imported some T-55 style flower that was milled in Turkey. It was very nice stuff and as you can see from the web site, not a small operation. If you scroll down you will see some products. Maybe you can call the company to discover what the T-55 looks like. Good luck !


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Hi Kevala,

I am from Turkey, but I didn't bake bread when I was in Turkey because the bread in the bread shops is fresh and there are no chemicals. Now I am in the US and started baking my own bread! 

Have you tried talking to your favorite local bread shop? They might even give you some to try it, and if you like it you can buy from them... I hope it helps.

Good luck. 

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My uncle always has soke un at home for making bread, i go on tatil every summer to visit him and always bring some home there's no way to match the recipe even the water makes the food taste different.

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Hey any idea where I can find diastatic malt in istanbul? Would be very grateful to know.