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Hello from Auckland NZ

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Hello from Auckland NZ

Hi there,

I am new here:) I am living in Auckland and have been here for more than two years.

NZ is really a nice country,especially summer here is awesome! The bread quality is poor though....I and my partner,who is French, have tried many "good" or "artisan" bakeries in Wellington and Auckland and haven't found even a single satisfactory baguette...none of them has nice holes and chewy texture, they're normally gluey and dry.  Even good bakeries don't sell fresh bread, I mean some might be just made from frozen dough,which is sad if it is true . 

I started baking bread maybe years ago, starting from the easiest  5 min bread before I tried ciabatta and basic European style bread. I mainly learn online from bloggers, but now I find this wonderful website!

My normal baking is baguette or ciabatta and mixed grain loaves, they don't look very good cause I've got problems with the oven but the texture and taste are both really good! Recently I raised my own sourdough starter and it seems to grow well, I just started to use it to replace active or dry yeast I used to use so there's a loooot to learn!

My problem is that  it is really hard to find a proper baking stone for the oven, I don't want to spend too much on it so I'll try to find a firebrick or unglazed tile or something like that but it'll take time, before that I have been doing like keeping the baking tray heated while the oven is preheating. My oven temp is not high enough and it has only fan bake function too so my bread always gets coloured way too early...I've got solution to it but there might be better ways I reckon...

I am sure I can learn a lot here, and I am hoping I can meet some New Zealand bread lovers with whom I can share infomation etc.








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You'll indeed learn a lot if you search the archives here.

The Auckland public library has a myriad of bread books, including ones popular with TFLers eg by Jeffrey Hammelman, Chad Robertson, Ken Forkish, Peter Reinhart, etc etc. 

There are some bakeries making their own bread, sourdoughs etc, but the loaves are expensive. Traditionally bread here came from British roots, when mechanisation took over in the 1950s, even those good breads became harder & harder to find. Few commercial bakers are trained in  the manufacture of 'Parisian' baguettes. I did buy some at a small place at Kohi, but again expensive! More enjoyable & challenging! to make your own anyway.

I purchased a kiln shelf direct from a kiln manufacturer at Bombay, south of Auckland, much better than any stone on sale in retail stores. Let me know if you want details, I'll send a PM to you.

Cheers Robyn