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Best baguettes yet!

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Best baguettes yet!

After a few tries to get some nice baguettes, I have finally made a batch I am happy with enough to share!

90% organic strong white flour

10% organic rye flour

75% hydration

2% salt

1.5% instant yeast


Made a poolish with 10% or flour and water and a touch of yeast, left for 24hrs at 20c

Mixed ingredients sans salt, autolyse for 1hour

Added salt, knead for 4 mins

Bulk fermented for 3 hours, perform 4 turns every 30 mins for 2 hours

Retarded overnight

Bench rested for 20mins

Shape and proved - mine proved for 2 hours 10mins

Baked with steam for 10, and 15 minutes without 





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I like them, congrats! 

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10% whole rye makes them tastier and more healthytoo - a real two'fer.  Well done

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They look fantastic!

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With such a slow bulk I'm curious to why you are using such a high amount of yeast?  They look awesome I just am curious if they taste yeasty as 1% is the average in a straight dough.  You've added a poolish which should allow you to decrease this to .7%,  and furthered by the long cold bulk ferment I'd imagine you can get away with even less (probably as low as .25%).  Just curious.  Not trying to break down your success.  

Nice Baking


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There is nothing quite like a top-notch baguette. These look stunning and the addition of rye flour is always a good thing.