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Life in bread ...

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Life in bread ...

It's Sunday today and it is the only day of the week where I get to wake after the sun has risen. All other days I am up at 2:45am and loading sourdough into the oven 40mins later. I love the rhythm of this profession. I am keenly aware of the seasons and from the moment I wake I am thinking ahead of not only the day but also the week ahead. It is wonderful to be working and have so much satisfaction in the joy of creation. 

So today with the sun shining after a week of drizzly rain Nat and I have enjoyed our breakfast together and I feel like I should share some photos of what I have been up to in the bakery. Instagram is my choice of photo sharing at the moment. It is fast, convenient and I can use my flour coated iPad—which I also use for my production formulas—to take some pretty nice photos. Being able to connect with bakers and creators all over the world is also a bonus. My username is @pipsbread ... pop by and say hi :)

I am always working hard on finding improvements in the bread and efficiencies in my workflow. My bread production is still in its early days but I am receiving positive feedback and have made some fantastic and productive relationships with suppliers and producers. 2014 should be an exciting year. 

A local online magazine has also run a small interview with me if you want to have a further look into my world :)



My best wishes to all at the freshloaf. I am lurking here almost everyday quickly having a look at what is happening in the world of bread. Always inspiration to be found.

Happy baking everyone



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Hoorah for you! The most beautiful breads, and sounds like life is getting there, too:)

Thanks for sharing 

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Hi Phil,

Such a treat to find this when I sat down at my computer to take a break from sewing endless buttons onto a summer dress I am in the middle of making.

Thanks for all the links you included.  Lovely article and your photos are gorgeous as usual.  Love to see the bright green see when all outside my window at the moment is white; snow flakes tumbling out of the grey sky as I type.  

Sounds as though you have found a new 'home' and that the long hours nourish rather that deplete you which is such a gift to receive from ones work.  Very few professions seem to offer this exchange in today's fast paced world.  I am so happy for you as I can only imagine that your content is spread upon all that you touch.

Thanks so much for taking the time to post here so this bread baking obsessed woman from across the globe can take a peek at what's happening in your life 'down under'.  (I am also getting ideas on scoring but can't ever imagine achieving the artistic beauty you have.)

Take Care,


P.S.  Coincidence?  My bake today was your 'Wheat, Fig, Anise' creation.  Lovely dough to work with and a favorite for those whom I bake.


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In my dreams, I want your life!

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but the slice and dice is particularly artistic from the slash point.  Glad all is welland hope things continue to improve for you and your business.   Well done.

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Beautiful bread and inspiring story.  It's so great to hear that you have landed in a new place that you obviously love.  One of these days you will have to share with us how you manage  that fantastic scoring.



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Wow! I'm standing here with my mouth open. Quick, put some bread in.



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Our Crumb

What was it about this week's TFL flyby from Txfarmer that made me think you wouldn't be far behind?  Yes!  And delivering a long awaited feast of photos and exquisite bakes.  Lookin GOOD, maestro! You are the Picasso of Scoring.  Too much inspiration for one week!  Time for this toad to wake up to Instagram, it appears. 

All the best, Phil!


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Hi, Phil.

The best part is that you are energized and happy with the path you have chosen. Thanks for sharing. I hope you will do so often.  It's inspiring.

Best wishes,


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Your boule pattern reminds me of the grain leaves held in your hand.

The results of your passions for art and bread are breathtaking, Phil, and it's wonderful to see you are so happy in your new environment.  

Thanks for the links.  


P.S.  That mini sure takes great photos!

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Ever inspiring, Phil!  The breads look spectacular... just wish I could taste them!  Thank you for sharing.


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Breads look absolutely fantastic and the photography is equally great.  I am sure the taste is to die for.  hubby and i will be in Australia in 2-1/2 wks, unfortunately Brisbane is not in the plans.  We are going to be in Melbourne, drive to Yarrawonga and back, three days in Hobart and back.  Altogether about two wks.  Would love to visit some good bakeries in those areas if anyone has recommendations.


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Phil, your bread is absolutely wonderful and your scoring looks like a real art. Beautiful!

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What a wonderful life you're leading! So happy for you the things seem to he working really great with your new career. 

What you said in the interview ...

What has been your greatest achievement?
Turning my daydreams into reality.'

 Indeed. :-)


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Hi Phil, between your words and your breads you tell a magnificent story, one that makes me profoundly happy for you. Congratulations for having found your calling! I would be first in line at the bakery in the morning if I lived on your side of the world! So many breads I would love to try and all baked the way I like them, real dark! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures too...

Thank you!

MC (from Farine)

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Song Of The Baker

Hi Phil.  It is really fun to see how far you have progressed and to know that you turned this great talent and interest of yours into a career.  I wish you all the best in your baking!  I will keep posted in your works on Instagram if not on here.


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wow, each one better than the last! thanks for sharing.

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I missed this post Phil.  Congratulations on turning your dreams into a reality.  That is really inspiring.  Your breads are beautiful and show great attention to detail.

I wish you all the best,


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What is the Hydration of the tartine-style Batard I see there?

I got a similar (though slightly less open) crumb (10% wheat, 10% rye), using 86% hydration (by accident too... you can see in my blog @

My Tartine-style Big Loaf

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I'm drooling right now, those loaves look so good. Excellent photography, too.