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first sourdough

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first sourdough

Baked my first sourdough this week after making my first starter! and it worked but lots of improvement needed!  Have another one proving today so it might be better!!!

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It looks excellent and I bet it tastes delicious.  I've been baking sourdough for about 8 months now and wouldn't go back.  I'm still learning and improving all the time.

Well done :-)

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Thank you for your comments, I'm new to this site and sourdough so have been reading and learning alot from everyone on here.  


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I have started adding sourdough starter to everything lately and my breads have gone from decent to great.  It tests my patience but it is soo worth the extra wait.  I have been using this recipe and just sort of mixing things up a little.

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and the blisters are a tell tale sign that the bread is begging to be eaten. Well done and happy baking