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English muffin air pockets

I've been working on this recipe for over a month. It's very customized and I use a 20qt Hobart mixer. It's all I can use. I've cooked this recipe perfectly in the past using a kitchen aid. Ever since I got the Hobart its forming massive air pockets. Here's the recipe


409g whole milk

41g soft unsalted butter

7g salt

30g sugar

701g bread flour

8g white vinegar

1 lightly beaten egg

7g instant yeast


Heat milk to 110F

Add all ingredients, except flour, to mixer and mix for 1 minute on low using paddle attachment

Slowly add flour and mix for 5 minutes

Turn dough out into greased bowl, cover and rest for 1 hour

Punch dough down and portion into 2oz pieces 

Form pieces into balls and pin down to 3 inches in diameter

Cover and rise for 1 hour

Heat skillet on low and add clarifies butter

Griddle muffins 6 minutes per side


they always form air pockets in the skillet. This is driving me nuts! Please help!



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My calculations for 701g flour would use 5 to 5.5g yeast.


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I make about 1200 English muffins per month. While our recipes differ entirely, I never let mine 2nd rise for an hour. Only a rest (that's what I call it). I wait for the muffins to slightly round on the top and show a hint of gaining some height.

My method includes cold water and cooled milk (closer to 85 degrees) help to control the muffins from getting crazy big while cooking the first batch. My griddle setting is closer to 325-350. Does any of this help?