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Crust separating from loaf - all round.

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Crust separating from loaf - all round.

I make bread by hand kneading, allow to rise to at least twice the original volume, raise in bread tins and bake at 205*C for ten minutes and 200*C for twenty five minutes.

Lately, particularly with loaves which have been frozen, there occurs this rather odd all round separation. Can anybody explain why, please ?

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completely before you froze them? I've never had this happen with a wheat bread, but one of my earlier ryes had this problem once, when I brushed too much water on the crust after baking when it was still hot.

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Mini Oven

do this...  or better yet, Pixies!  Deftly turning your pictures upside-down too.  Pesky little pixies.  

Are they known for cucumber sandwiches?