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Coney Rolls

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Coney Rolls

In almost all South African bakeries and supermarkets you can find a crispy roll with a soft centre. It is called a "coney roll", but has almost surely nothing to do with Coney Island.  The dough is rolled in a spiral and the resemblance to a cone is probably the inspiration for the name.  See the attached picture.  The crust becomes chewy when older.

Does anybody have a recipe?

Thank you!

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like a "hard roll" or a kaiser roll, so just use that dough and shape into coneys. They do look pretty good :)

Check out this useful discussion (there are more, just search "kaiser rolls" here on TFL):

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Bev Bouwer

I was a little skeptical of this recipe. I am new to baking bread (or baking anything for that matter). I have always loved these rolls, which are a bit of an institution in South Africa. I tried the recipe above for kaiser rolls last night, and it is either exactly right, or very close. I used a normal oven, just turned it up high, and poured water in the oven tray to create the steam. I thought they turned out well, and my family thinks they're great. I didn't get the coney shape exactly right, either, but will work on that...

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not really unique, though it is often twisted. I've seen Italian cornetti (if I remember the name correctly) and multiple examples of Lithuanian ragelis that look very similar. How I shape ragelis is just pat dough into rectangle, rest a few minutes, fold into triangle and roll up tightly. Probably you've been doing the same thing :)

Glad the formula worked out!