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kevin woodcock




My name is Kevin Woodcock, I am a 52 year old Bachelor from Havant near Portsmouth and have decided to learn to bake my own bread.

I have had several spectacular failures already!

Main one being very hard and thick crust, which I am of the opinion that I need to add more water to the dough?

Any advice or thoughts greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards,


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Mini Oven

My advice would be to start with the site lessons, just scroll up and click on them starting with the first one,  "Your first loaf."   

:)  Mini

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Hi Kevin, there is nothing quite like a spectacular failure for teaching you things! It would probably be best to say what sort of bread you are baking and how you are baking it for anyone to give really relevant advice on your crust. I can tell you from my own experience that you get a harder, thicker crust on sourdough than on commercially yeasted bread and that I got a far better crust when I started using a cloche/ Dutch oven to bake in.